Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get an account on SmartLab?

Yes, accounts are available for academic use only. You can create an account here.

Do you have an example of how to use SmartLab?

Yes, your account contains a few examples under your account file structures (i.e., source code, compiled APK, Monkeyrunner script for automatically running the program on the target devices).

How can I run a MonkeyRunner script on several devices?

Yes, please read this manual for further details.

Can I reserve emulated Android instances on SmartLab?

Yes you can reserve up to 5 emulated instances for an unlimited period.

When does a SmartLab device reservation expire?

Every time you reserve a device, then given device is allocated to your account for 1 hour. If nobody else requests the given device then it might be allocated to your account for more than 1 hour. However after the first hour it might be released at any time.

How do I reserve one or more smartphones?

Reservations are currently on a first-come-first-served basis. You can browse the list of available devices, check the one you are interested in and then click on "Reserve". Subsequently, these instances will appear under your reservations and your credit count-down will begin according to the SmartLab usage charging scheme.

What is SmartLab's usage charging scheme?

SmartLab is currently free of charge for the Academic Community. During sign up, you will provided X credit hours that can be utilized to reserve "1 smartphone for 1 hour" (charges incur on a minute basis). If you reserve concurrently N devices, then your X credit will allow you an execution time of "X/N * 60" minutes. More minutes might be provided to members on an on-demand basis. Reservations are automatically released when the budget is due. Please ALWAYS remember to release your instances once you are finished with your experiments to suspend the credit count-down.

What is SmartLab Privacy scheme?

SmartLab takes all precautions to keep your data entirely safe. We do not share your data with any other third party nor do we utilize your data in any way. Please do not utilize SmartLab if you feel that your data are privacy sensitive.